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I need help with tray files :(

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If you are talking about CC needed to load character right, It is problematic unfortunately and I dunno if there is much of way out of it if you are unsure what something comes from. Id say make a copy of your mod folder and put your current one somewhere safe.

Then delete a few files and take note of what you delete, then make a new game and load it. If something you don't want deleted is no longer an option, go back and readd them one by one. Once you find what you want to share,  put it in a new different folder. Repeat


or if you don't rename your files,often a lot of content creators usually attach some sort of name to their files that you could Google and see if it is what you are looking for. It is definitely tedious but process of elimination or using Google will definitely help with finding what CC/mods are needed

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