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Dragons mod?

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Hello there.


I been thinking for a while, if there wasn't any dragon mod out there for Stellaris? One that's beeing updated for new versions , or if there isn't any good enough, NSFW or SFW.


If not.. I might have a raw idea like:

*Hardened scales: Increases ground troops defense by +10%*
*Big hunger: Increases food upkeep by +5%*
*Omni-fertility: Increases pop growth by +10%*

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For traits you just need an existing trait mod and notepad++ for editing.  You need to add to localisation folder to whatever file you have there, that has trait names and descriptions (ex: kagami_name_lists_l_english.yml) and common\traits folder (ex: 00_kagami_traits.txt) just copy paste some existing traits and put those values you want in those traits, they exist on the original traits already and you can get those from your game folder in the same common\traits

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