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Dimes Quickstart and Footprints

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Dimes Quickstart doesn't complete MQ101 stage 250, which is what triggers Footprints to activate.
Incidentally, Dimes Quickstart also fails to remove Ulfric's gag. The first time I went to the Palace of the Kings, he was still wearing it. Funny to see, but easily traceable back to this mod.
I've tried:

stopquest MQ101
resetquest MQ101
setstage MQ101 250
setobjectivecompleted MQ101 250 1


but after resetquest MQ101, no other commands have any effect. The console takes them, but they just don't do anything.
I'd love to have a bat file or a set of commands that will work, as I have no intention of quitting my level 45 character.
I can ignore it, but it irks me to have a mod in my load order that does nothing.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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