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Installing FO3 in 2021

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Hey all. I feel like playing FO3 again, but am a bit confused as to the current state of things. TTW seems to have ceased development (?), is it still recommended to use that if you're only really going to be playing fallout 3 not New Vegas?


And also should I use mo2 or what is the currently recommended mode manager for fallout 3 (or ttw)?


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That depends by you and the mods you want to install. TTW allows you to use NV mods and script extenders on FO3 world.

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I would recommend MO/MO2 for Fallout 3. I prefer virtual overwrites over physical ever since using it for Skyrim. If you are after sex mods, Not going to find anything new for Fallout 3. Animated Prostitute is garbage. But if you insist using it, you can do what I do and swap the animations from the sex mods here to it. Works pretty well. As far as mods being produced. It's very small, but still active. Currently there are a few animators and someone redoing a lot of the meshes to make Fallout 3 look more modern.

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