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Starting up FO4 again, looking for some things I'm sure exist-

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Right now I have:
Devious Devices

Real Handcuffs


What I'm looking for?
Zero to Minimum sex, don't care for it. Ends up being repetitive and holds things up.

Restraints. A decent variety although I have the wrap around tape gag from the replacement for DD's extremely pitiful one (The rest of the content is great though! No hard feelings DD creator) and that's about all I need when combined with the restraint dress. More would be nice but not priority.
Gag talk. Currently I have very minimal gag talk but I could have sworn last time I played there were larger dialogue branches similar to Skyrims. Leading up to eventually being able to ask to be free or SOMETHING with a bit of depth, or at least more than "mmmph" from the player with nothing afterwards.

Being captured by NPC's or traps. Collared, that sort of thing.

Some struggling, the lines in Real Handcuffs are spectacular so I'm hoping to find more that let you use struggle animations.

Something with followers that let you ask them to bind you.


Please let me know if I'm missing something through whatever this AAF thing I've seen here and there is, or some other mods that combine/add onto DD. Or just overall new/different mods I've never heard of.


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