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HDT Belly deforming upward when character moves

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So I've come across a strange bug where the HDT belly deforms upward whenever my character moves. Has anyone seen this before? My first thought was a skeleton issue, but re installing XPMSE didn't solve the problem. Could this maybe be caused by an improperly set up SLIF? The only mod that is not registered is Egg Factory, but that is supposed to have "native" support now. Should mods with native support still show in SLIF? I am using CBBE, the most recent version of SLIF and its patches, and the only patch I didn't install was Egg Factory 3.3, since I'm using 3.5a and its supposed to have native support. I tried asking on the mod pages, but no replies yet. I am hoping someone has some idea of what this might be before I go about overhauling my mod list.


Any help is greatly appreciated! 



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