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All-female mods?

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There used to be a few mods that allowed for a female-only playthrough, but they have since been abandoned as far as I can tell. Namely "dude looks like a lady" (changes males to look like females). Are there any up-to-date mods that will allow me to establish a lesbocratic dynasty? thanks.

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There is a line in the file under Crusader Kings III\game\common\defines\00_defines.txt saying something like FEMALE_CHANCE = 48 If you set the female chance to 100, after about 100 years, there will be no men in the game.


Unfortunately, this may make procreation difficult, but you may be able to start the game in debug mode (from the steam startup menu) and use the cheats on the right click menu to impregnate both yourself and others.


I think that CK II allows this more easily than CK3 (futa mods). Maybe something like this exists for CK3.

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I slapped together a mod to do this for personal use a while back while extremely sleep deprived and as my first time attempting to mod a Paradox game. It worked great for a while but broke the next patch. Essentially just replaced any texture or character model size/growth info with renamed version of the female equivalent. Don't really have the time or willpower to try and fix it and get it to a state where its good enough to upload, but I've attached it here in case it helps someone. Would very much like to see a proper version of the mod made.


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