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Help With Finding Lost Rigid Armor Replacer

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Either way back in 2015/2016 or semi recently in 2019 there was a default armor replacer mod thats whole shtick was having completely rigid armor with boob windows that didnt move whilst the characters body on the inside did. This was my favorite armor replacer mod back in the day and it seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. It was 100% for oldrim and it was on this site, infact I remember many threads praising it talking about how it was revolutionary in the modding space. 

I remember it having bodyslide files and it being for CBBE.

I do not have any photos or videos and cant find any unfortunately but I can give a description of the ebony armor that came in the pack. From what I remember the ebony armor was sleeveless and covered the whole torso except for the breastplate which had a large underboob window to show off the character physics.

Does anyone have any info pertaining to this mod or where it went?

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