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My female character files keep getting corrupted?

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Hello fellow members, I'm hoping someone can help clear this issue up.  Recently with the starbound mod "sexbound", my female characters keep bugging out and disappearing when I interact with the toys and special beds, it usually doesn't happen right away but within a few hours of playing the character (and having quite a bit of pleasure time) I become unable to see myself and thus the animations don't work, making the mod un-usable.  I made sure I have the newest version installed, and all the required compatibility patches but the issue persists.  My in game lover's male character models/files don't seem to be having the same issues, making me think its just happening to the female files/models.  Is this an issue that is easily solved, or do I need to make a new female character every couple hours (thus making it nearly impossible to progress through the story in our free time)?  I have tried uninstalling the mod and the compatibility patch files but it doesn't fix the already corrupted files/models.

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