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Random teleportation while interacting

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Ok so uhh, im having a bit of a really weird problem, for some reason i get teleported to the last door (as in, skyrim>interior/interior>skyrim) when i use some interaction objects (open a chest, speak to a kid, open a trapdoor on some location, open a door that should lead to a place, lockpicking a chest..... random interactions)

For example i tried to talk to one of the kids on Witherun (Battleborn! Give me your money!) and as soon as i did my screen went black (a short load screen) and got placed like if i just entered witherun.  This can happen with chests, random doors, satchels, a bag somewhere.

I have no clue what its going on.

I dont even know where to start looking, google give me 2 obscure steam threads with 2 answers that had solved nothing.

Help, please!

Edit: Yeah, im softlocked out of the game, i cant leave a dungeon since when i open the exit door (a leaver) it as soon as i touch it, then it places me at the entrace of said dungeon, i literally cant leave. Please help!

Edit 2: After digging a lot, some people say its because followers, i use EFF but i already dissmissed the only follower i had and it still dont works (that follower being sofia) 

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Can you post your load order?


Is this a new character? 


Is there a specific moment this started happening, did you add any mods? 


What happens if you move all your save files into a different folder and start a new character?

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