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I tried to spawn in a piercing removal tool but it gets removed instantly and I get a message saying "Your follower borrows your piercing removal tool".


I've also noticed with SLS, when trying to pay the toll there's an option along the lines of "my follow has be covered"


I don't have a follower, I never hired one.


Who is this mysterious person I've never seen and how do I get rid of them? ?

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11 hours ago, Sucsino said:

Howdy O/


Firstly; it might be a good idea to check SLS MCM's menu to make sure you haven't enabled some kind of always-have-a-follower feature.


If its not mod-related then try opening your console & type in: "set playerfollowercount to 0" (without the quotations "")

The above command should dismiss any followers by setting your follower count to 0; thus logically; SLS & other mods should recognize a count of 0 followers...


Another thing that may be worth trying is installing Nether's Follower Framework (LE/SE) as it will usually detect any unique actors which are following you & ask if you wish to manage them via the NFF. Through this method you'll be able to see who is following you; from there you can summon them, dismiss them, etc.


If all else fails; start a new game & try to spawn in the piercing removal tool -- If it literally gives you that "Your follower borrows your piercing removal tool" then look through your mods; remove them one by one & spawn into a new game, retry spawning in the piercing removal tool, etc; eventually you should be able to narrow it down to the mod responsible (from there double-check the MCM; if all appears fine; maybe hit up the problem mod's support thread - Could be a bug with a mod you're using).


Hope you get that resolved O/


Couldn't find anything in SLS.


"set playerfollowercount to 0" didn't work.


Nether's Follower Framework said I had no followers.


I just ended loading a previous save. Only lost about an hour so it's not too bad.


Thanks for the help anyway :)


I guess the mystery of the invisible follower will remain a mystery (although I suspect it might have something to do with devious followers)

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