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Verol Anderson

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We are back at home, United States, to meet the talented Verol, she is a writer of different genres, mostly fantasy books, and is well known and loved by the large community of fans and clients, but something that almost no one knows about, is that, like every good artist, she has her methods to get inspired when she doesn't have much inspiration, in her case, she has to have wild sex, her friends call her "succubus" because she only fucks with young men, but in fact she is a horny MILF, so when they see her at a party, if they They come over to talk to her and hang out, it is 95% sure that they will end up having wild sex in a hotel, she always carries her notebook where she writes after they fuck her ass, hot experiences????



Zodiac Sign: Aries 


Country: 1f1fa-1f1f8.png


Ethnicity: Black


Group: MILF


Hair color: Brunette

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    Everything you need is attached in the file. But you need, as minimum, wickedwhims.


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