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Help! Lydia stuck in the stocks!

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So I'm new to modding my skyrim, but for the most part I can figure shit out. But I put some DD furniture in my house, and told my follower, Lydia, to use it, and I can't get her out now. I tried making her use another couple pieces of DD furniture, but all that did was make her cycle through those devices. I left the house, and she appeared on the steps still locked in the things. Whenever I went into another building, she also appeared the same way.  So I ran around whiterun doing some errands to see if the problem would resolve itself. After awhile I lost her, and took the advice of another thread to fast travel somewhere else to get my follower back on track. She showed up, but still locked up. I can make her have sex with me, but that only affords her a moments respite from her bondage. The poor girl has to be suffering from serious neck strain by this point, and more importantly I need her sword to help in fights (between copious rounds of lesbian sex of course), and I need her mouth to blow guards for me when I've been caught stealing.  It's what a harlscurl does, damnit!


I also have a similar problem with my player character cycling through furniture devices whenever I do a little self-bondage.  But at least I can break out of those eventually.


Any help would be much appreciated. I think Lydia would also appreciate it.

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