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Want to zoom a desktop window without going to full screen

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Hi everyone,


Just wondering if anyone's had this same issue and wants to resolve it.  I want to play an older game with 640x480 resolution but scale it up.


One way would simply be to reduce my desktop resolution, which I'll do if I can't find another solution.  


I've tried a few programs:


ResizeEnable - Lets the window resize but in the case of the game I want to play it just shows extra black space instead of zooming the contents with the window

DesktopZoom - Does what I want but shows itself as a window, so instead of zooming the game you just see the white space of desktopzoom's own window. I tried moving the game to a second monitor but then it didn't seem to want to allow me to select the x/y coordinates of the second monitor.


Looked into a bunch of other programs but they seem to do the same thing as resizeenable (no zoom) or are just window managers with cool features.


So then I looked into what I can do in C# in case I have to write my own, but of course that'd be a real pain since trying to create it so it passes through clicks etc...yeah I was hoping someone else had already done the hard work.


If you know of a program that does it that'd be great.


Apologies if this isn't the right forum for this question.


Edit: I suppose another solution would be to run up a virtual machine with a lower resolution, then maximise it and swap between the VM desktop and my desktop so all my normal apps aren't impacted



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Alright, for anyone laughing, just know I'm about 2 hours into looking for solutions and it turns out, the best one that is going to work for me is Windows Magnifier with some settings changes.


See, I often use magnifier to look at tiny text but didn't know it would be able to just zoom the whole screen.


So here's the settings I went with:


Windows key ->Settings -> Ease of Access -> Magnifier

  • Change default zoom level: 100% (when you launch Magnifier, no change to your view)
  • Change zoom increments to 25%
  • Change magnifier view to Full Screen (now it affects everything, and moving your mouse to screen edge moves the magnifier)


I left everything else at default.


Couple useful commands:


Windows Key + "+" starts Magnifier if it isn't already on

Windows Key + "+"  zooms screen in

Windows Key + "-" zooms screen out

Windows Key + Esc exits Magnifier


It's going to work for this game and is super simple to navigate, I'm genuinely surprised at how a few setting changes make Magnifier genuinely useful.


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