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Huniepop 2 Double Date is out

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Take a trip to an exotic island paradise for a steamy new adventure in this long awaited sequel to the popular dating sim / puzzle game hybrid, HuniePop!

You can enable or disable futa POLLY character if you want play as him or her in game!


for GOG version that is censored there is an official uncensored patch here  https://www.huniepop.com/patch/HP2SteamyPatch.dat

the STEAM version is already uncensored and there is no need to add anything, don't add the DAT patch on steam version to prevent any crashes


but anyway there is no nude character during the puzzle dates (different as it was in the first huniepop game)


is there  a way to create a nude mod for this sequel?


I found all the sprites of nude characters on REDDIT  if someone is interested. Is there a way to make this game more similar to the previous one?


As you can see in some videos in the first game, girls they remained naked or at least topless at the end of most of puzzles but unfortunately not here


( I can't find a video uncensored enough for the example about huniepop 1 sorry )


HP2 Sprites.zip

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