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Hello, I haven't played skyrim for 2-3 years and not played SE at all, only LE (lost my previous mod list). Asking for interesting mods for Special Edition. I'm remember enjoing Cursed Loot and SLUTS.

Also searching for good NPC resking, something like PureFemale\Male, if my memory don't lie, and for realistic (not skinny) armor and cloth replacer (yeah I know how strange asking it here).


In other words, I`ve missed all mods for SE, anything interesting would be appreciated.


Thank in advance.


P.S. Asking here because SE forum doesn't have similar section only thread that I think not fit well for my question.

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For NPC appearances I recommend Pandorable's NPCs. It overhauls female NPCs to look attractive, but not totally unbelievable. For males, I recommend Male NPC Overhaul.


Unfortunately, as far as clothes and armor replacer mods go, there are very few that are not skimpy replacers. I recommend TMB Vanilla Armors and Clothes, as that one has a good balance. Most of the items are not skimpy, but some of them go a little in the fantasy direction. Mostly good stuff, though.


As for generally interesting stuff, I obviously recommend the classics; SL Defeat, SL Aroused, SL Separate Orgasms, SL Survival. I have a pretty nice and balanced installation that I could make a post about in the future, but it's a bit lengthy to just make it as a reply here.


I think Project Proteus is a neat idea that some people are working on at Nexus. It allows you to save characters across different save files and recruit them as followers or just play as them in a different save file, skills and items saved too. It's a little buggy with modded installations, though, so I recommend waiting for it to be cleaner. Mod responsibly!

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