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Help with .Lip files for audio. I can't seem to consistently generate them. For voiced dialogue, how do I get proper Lip Files functioning?

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51 minutes ago, South8028 said:


but in general lip files are generated in the creation kit. I haven't tried it myself, but read that there is a problem with long duration wav. Long tracks must be exclusively 16 bits.

I tried the CK and it never seems to work for me, 

especially since the 32bit CK is all fucked up in terms of loading and it seems outdated...  I'll try the method on this page and see where it gets me. THanks for the link

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On 4/23/2021 at 6:32 PM, LostDremoraDream said:

Pretty much title. Been messing with XVA Synth and trying to get some good voice files playing in some mods for personal use but I can't get lip files to work. Voices themselves seem to be fine.

I use an external program to convert .wavs and .xwms to .fuz, but I'm missing lip files. Anyone have any ideas?

I know this is a old topic but you have to save them from the synth in 16 bit, thats what the CK is made for, then it will generate proper lip files

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