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Vampire the masquerade: Bloodlines, mod request/help

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Hi, i was replaying VTMB, and wanted to put some mods to change things a little, and while i was searching, i've found these Tourette models.

VtM:B Voerman sisters

VtM:B Voerman sisters

VtM:B Voerman sisters
https://sfmlab.com/project/28525/  (here is the link)

i've downloaded the files, but they seems to not work in game, what i want to know is: if this is a mod or just some character models (not intended to be in the game)
If it really is a mod, can someone help me to install, at the moment i am playing with the clan quest mod, because of that i am not sure how to install other mods.

and in case those really are only models, id like to request someone to mod them in the game, those are some really interesting changes, and i think i ve never seen any therese nude mod


Ps: sorry if i did any typos, english is not my native language.


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