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"Even actor height" not working in SE

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After playing for a while I decided to make my character a bit shorter than the default 1.0 height, so I showracemenu, went into body scales and changed the height slider from 1 to 0.85. Now this of course caused SL animations to be misaligned, so I went into SL config menu and made sure the "Even actor height" checkbox was checked and the "disable scaling" checkbox was not.

If i'm understanding it correctly, the "Even actor height" should cause the player character height to be set to 1 during SL animations, but it doesn't happen, i tried changing my height to something tiny like 0.2 and SL didn't adjust the height at all during animations.


I tried to generate a papyrus log by enabling the things in skyrim.ini, going into the game and starting a SL animation. A "Logs\Script" dir was created in my skyrim directory, but it is empty, so I assume no errors of any sort happened.


Have I missed some setting somewhere? Everything else in SL seems to be working fine.

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Too frequent manipulations with the skeleton nodes can lead to CTD. That's why in the current SexLab version this functionality just may be disabled.
I use slightly shortened player character. That's why I use custom race for the PC. This allows me to use alignments without any affect to the default races.


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