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Anybody recognize this glitch?

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I'm rebuilding my Skyrim game after a drive crash.   Can't seem to get the game running stable for more than a minute.


This type of glitch seems to appear over a menu occasionally.


Never had it in my previous game.   Not sure what it is.






I'll see something like this and then the next time I hit start.  CTD.

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Hi there,


Rather than abandon this thread like several I encountered, I thought I'd share my findings.  Hopefully it'll save someone time in the future.

What you're looking at is a VRAM crash about to happen.   In my case it's being caused by the Wench loading screen that's available on another site.   I ran that mod successfully in my previous build, but have not found the settings for my ENB to currently run it without these errors.  Before giving up on it, I'm going to tweak some enblocal settings today, and see if I can get it running.   If I can, I'll share the results here.   

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Hi again,


So the ultimate answer to my Skyrim re-install.   When you lose all your mods, you also lose all your settings.   Although I completely re-downloaded and set up my mods.   I did not have all the settings for things like ENB, SKSE, Crashfixes, etc.


The thing that ultimately returned my 200+ mods to reasonably reliable playability was two of the crashfix settings that don't come turned on by default.


The first was.


UseOSAllocators=1 in the crashfixes ini.   This got my game running reliably but then Sexlab would crash every time a scene started.


the second was.


AlignHeapAllocate=1 also in crashfixes ini.  This got sexlab running again, and now my game is suddenly very stable and can be played for hours.


3 Weeks of searching for those two variables/fixes.  I hope this saves someone time in the future.


I'm out.


This might help you if you're currently experiencing.


Skyrim instability from too many mods.

Skyrim crashing when entering cities.

Skyrim crashing with too many NPCs.

Skyrim crashing a lot when trying to load.

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