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Hi guys, strange request/WCIF... I’m after some nude male statues. I have a few Ancient Greek style ones from MTS, but they’re not “naked” enough lol.  Attached a pic for the kind of thing I’m looking for

I want to do an erotic museum - there’s artwork aplenty for the walls, but I’m drawing a blank on statues - has anyone seen anything on their travels or would anyone be willing to have a go at making something? I’d have a stab at it myself but Blender won’t work on my PC lol





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15 hours ago, cytyger said:

TheJim07 has some Greek type naked status on his tumblr page at https://thejim07.tumblr.com/ I'm interested in finding more as well. 


BTW, love your content. Have been in the process of adding the photo studio and Club stuff to my current game. Thanks!

Great! Thank you.  I've grabbed some of that stuff from Mod The Sims, but I'll be downloading some of their other work :) 

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