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Hi. I know this is a sensitive topic but are there any self harm mods. Like animations and stuff. Or when a sim catches another sim doing they call the hospital or something like that. I like my games realistic and since I cut too it could be really helpful to have a mod like that. I remember seeing something like this on a sims 4 My Life story thing on YouTube so I would really love to find something to make my game more realistic. I would do it myself if I could but I'm not very smart. Thank you and have a great day.

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that can be very triggering for some people i dont think there is a mod for that. please try to stop cutting i know how hard it is but i did it for a couple years until i finally stopped by using markers to draw on myself, getting rid of my tools, getting some support from friends and family, and using distraction methods, it gets easier. please get some help dont get mods that make you want to do it more. i could see how it would be helpful for realism but maybe your sim is trying to stop and so are you. idk if u could private message on here but im here for u if nobody else is idk if that helps

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