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simple pregnancy

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i'm using this setting as menstrual cycle having fishy stench bug., as at 163h .


is the pregnancy chance setting apply to all ages?
if i set 50%, does elder have 50% pregnant? i get this pregnancy alert when elder is making love, but i never got this when using menstrual cycle.


the control birth pill seems to not be effective immediate, how does it work?

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The sims doesn't naturally allow elderly women to become pregnant. For reasons of biological imitation. So if you want to change this option you will have to install a mod that gives you more possibilities to change the game, like MCcommand, for example.

As for the contraceptive, it takes about 2 days to have full effect. Before that, you have a high chance of getting pregnant if you don't use another method of contraception. And yet, the mod by default leaves a failure rate for contraceptive methods. They are low, but they can occur. WW is very realistic in that sense

 If you, for example, only use a condom, be aware that not all Sims put it on automatically during sex. A Sim of mine already got pregnant because of that.


In addition, your chances of pregnancy change during the menstrual cycle. You will have more chances of getting pregnant as the fertile day of the cycle approaches, and less chances of getting pregnant as you move away.


Anyway, the mod realistically simulates a pregnancy / contraceptive methods

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i'm refering to "simple pregnancy" setting in the ww pregnancy options.


what u have described are about "menstrual cycle" setting in the pregnancy options, the toward realistic option, which was what i using b4, but i changed to another option (simple) because of a bug by the menstrual pad.


anyway, elder sim DOES get pregnant using simple pregnancy setting, as it happened in my recent gameplay.


as about the birth control pill, i'm still very confuse about it, the moment it being used, the effect is shown on the sim for 24 hours, after that, there's no telling whether is it effect really carry onto the 3rd day.

so far, i found condom is the best preventive method in the game.

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