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Main Sim Needs More Romance

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Hey lab community. As always let me start by saying I have Wicked Whims, MCCC, restricted romance, and animation mods. Today's "gripe" is a bit minor but still I believe it is important. My main sim, who I have had multiple save files with (many playthroughs lol) just doesn't get many people flirting with her. Which is odd, considering all sims used to flirt with ANYONE (even family, ugh) if they thought they were attractive enough, or were flirty. Now, one of the things I do first on every save is tailor other female npc attractions to match my sim. I also use unique appearance just in case (I know I've said that before). However, out of about 20 sims I only have 2 sims I'm romantically involved with, one of which my sim autonomously courted (which I'm tired of, since I would like others to make the first move). I will add, however, that the first one is at girlfriend relationship. Does not having global jealousy unchecked affect flirting at all? I'll try to link a pic of my sim to show you guys what I'm working with. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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