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Really would like a religious slavery mod.

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So I've played paradise halls, slaverun, and the dibella sisterhood mods. All are fantastic, and I'd like to see elements from them combined to create a new fun mod. We are really lacking in a all out skyrim religious enslavement throughout skyrim mod. I don't know lately been really hooked on the idea of powerful religious order taking over skyrim in a medieval templar type fashion. A cult rises that twists the light of mara to their own image under a catholic theme. They preach the roles of men and women, truth and justice in the name of a god, but rule with strict laws that could lead to the imprisonment of the player and npcs from not complying to the many laws they enforce.  Guards begin to look like templars no longer serving for thier jarl but for the church. Major churches rise in the holds. Women are taken from the streets and forced to serve and be "educated' in the way of the church until they are brainwashed into nuns. Eventually preaching to other women of salvation they found brainwashed sex slaves. Some women follow while others grow concerned from their friends suddenly acting weird. The men are cool with because its made the women subservient under the new laws allowing them to marry women who denied them, and nuns of the church provide services. 


Story wise you join the church, and become educated in their ways while helping them gain followers from victims you trick into joining. As the story progresses you move up to power, while breaking up resistances of npcs that you helped create to bring more power to the church. The resistance women that you assigned are chained up on polls through the streets showing the power of the church while others may be saved as nuns after brainwashing.


I like bdsm, mindbreak, and corruption fetishes. So holy beacons of light becoming defiled are perfect. I hope something like this could play well with the paradise hall mods because they have a great slave system, and i think lettings players have the control of roles certain npcs play would make the experiences feel more personal. If this is something someone seriously  would be interested in taking this on. Id love to try and help fund towards it! Thanks for hearing me out. :)

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