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[Request] WW Incest Aspiration

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Hello, I've been considering trying to build a few wicked whims plugins for a while, but unfortunately, I'm pretty incompetent when it comes to mod making. So instead I decided to post one of the ideas here and see if any mod makers find the idea appealing enough to add.


Basically, the idea is to make a new aspiration plugin for Wicked Whims, centered around making use of the incest mechanic/trait.

The rough idea of how it would progress is as follows


Milestone 1: Taboo Dabbler

-Gain the "Incest" WW Trait

-Have sex with a relative 3 times



Milestone 2: Family Bonding

-Have sex with a relative 5 times

-Have sex with a relative in 3 different locations

-Go on a date with a relative



Milestone 3: Wincest

-Earn silver on 2 dates with a relative

-Have sex with a relative 10 times

-Have a relative as a boyfriend or girlfriend

Milestone 4: Familyphile

-Have sex with a relative 20 times

-Have 3 different sims walk in on you and a relative having sex

-Earn gold on 3 dates with a relative

Reward Trait: Thicker Than Water

You share an intimate bond with your relatives so strong that even non-incestuous sims can't help but take notice. Being caught having sex with a relative no longer gives other sims an uncomfortable moodlet. As well, you can discuss your incestuous interests with other sims.

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