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Real Life Childbirth Animations (Male Birthing Alien Edition!)

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Just like Sim mommies, sim daddies can finally do it too; he will drop to the floor and push the baby out. For some reason, the alien baby is again, a burrito; unless you also use a mod to make them almost "bare" but with nappies, so any collaborations and mod editing and additions are absolutely welcome as well too; You can help me out!

And as always, put the mod into your MODS folder, and bingo! Don't like the animations? Again, you can remove the package from the mods folder and it should be back to spinning with the baby again.

Oh, and forgot to mention that you also need the seasons expansion pack for the alien pregnancy addition as well too!

Credit and thanks to S3LynnMods for the original animation! I converted the animation to do the same with the Sim daddies birthing aliens :))

A bit of troubleshooting with that green glowing thing on the belly, I fix it just by after he's done carrying the baby, I use the cheat "resetSim" and then his name to make the glowing thing on his belly go away. S3LilyAlienPregnancy_DEFAULT_Replacement.zip


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