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Yvaine Sinclair

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Yvaine Sinclair

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We are going to the beautiful and historic country of Scotland, in Europe, in its architectural style, where our much appreciated Yvaine is waiting for us, who will greet us by shaking our hand, she is very romantic and flirtatious, but she is also very formal in public, and is quite a lady, delicate and beautiful as a flower, although, once again, do not be guided by appearances, she is an apprentice of vampires, they say she has superhuman strength, only that controlled by the underworld. ??‍♀️


Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 


Country: 1f3f4-e0067-e0062-e0073-e0063-e0074-e007f.png


Ethnicity: White


Group: Matures


Hair color: Redhead

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    Everything you need is attached in the file. But you need, as minimum, wickedwhims.


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