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Cuck Social Interactions

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I've been reading too many stories online, and decided to do a game of Alpha Male 100 Baby Challenge. A house of guys who go around and impregnate all the Townies and neighbors, and random hot girls in the neighborhood. Well, I want them to have more fun social interactions when a boyfriend/hubby is around. Any modder interested in making something like this? Take some of the mean animations and have it say something like Mock for being a Cuck, or Mock his small penis, etc.


Is there an animation for Wicked Whims to force the hubby to watch? We need a "force to their knees" interaction and animation too. "Point and laugh" would be great too, and then the other person can cry into their hands and be sad, humiliated, but totally turned on. Yes, all of this should turn the cuck on.

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