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Help with model replacement

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Perhaps someone can help with a small problem I am having. I have created a series of portal doors (see spoiler pics), I like the way they look, and they work as designed with one small issue. The center object is based on the object DLC01\Clutter\Animated\PortalGem01\PortalGemBlue01.nif, I am using it to replace a standard door model. In game it works fine, but when I bump into it, it flies across the room. The 'don't havok settle' checkbox will keep it suspended in the air where I placed it, but does not prevent it from moving when the PC moves into it. I tried creating a separate object that is a static object based on that model, it will remain unmovable, however, I can't use that object as model replacer for the door. How can I replace the actual model 'PortalGemBlue01.nif', that I suspect is somehow set as a moveable static with one that looks the same but is a non-movable model?


I am trying to maintain my schedule in creation of a new quest mod for Skyrim SE (Szalec's Limited Automatic Venereal Emitter) and this problem is eating up a lot of time, so any help would be greatly appreciated. 





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