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How to create lactation switch?

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I want to make a mod that acts like my"lovers 3d milk".

A few days ago I've created a milkcuirass upperbody mesh.

And it has more prettier and favorable effects than the first one.

However,it's just a upperbody clothing ,not yet combined with lovers mod.


What I want the mod to function like is:


[After loading,players got a touch spell to toggle milking action.I would Name it "milkyboobs"or something.

If one npc is activated with this spell,she will automatically wearing the milkcuirass in the 3rd and 4th stage of lovers.

Or I can make a more exaggerated cuirass for the 4th stage for more dramatic scenes.

For the npc that does not be touched,she would act as normal.

Also I may create self spells for female pc.]


The advantage of the mod is that we can combine milking and vagina effects together,no more "losing one side" in game. 

Because in vanilla,more than two particle emitters can not be shown simultaneously.                   


I've tried replace animobjects which lovers3dorgasm used,but CTD happened.

The first thing I want to do is to shown the milkcuirass in 3rd and 4th animation stages.

How do I achieve this goal by CS and script?


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Thank you,but I've read that article about 2 months ago.

It works for object like weapons,shields or rings,I don't know if it works for armors,too.

It needs to change mesh's string value by nifscope,and the values are weapons,shields,rings,arrow quiver,or any node of your skeleton.

Don't know which value uses the biped slot of armor.It's the reason why I give up this idea.


My concept is closed to the usage of boner mesh that used in lovers mod,which is a lowerbody replacer.

When we played lovers,the attacker will automatically wear that lowerbody mesh so that we can have a boner.

So if I can realize what script controls the lowerbody replacing timing,rewrite it with a upperbody mesh,I may get closer.

For now my plan is to find out that script and modify it.

Can you give me a direction?


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Because I read an English sentence by machine translation, I may misunderstand it.
In addition, the contents which I wrote may have a mistake.
In that case, please permit it.
The change of mesh of the lower part of the body should reach in xLoversMainScriptEquipFuncChinupoFutanari.
If you check this function, necessary information may be found.
In addition, it is judged to be nude even if equipped with an item in the case of a specific condition in Lovers.
This judgment should be carried out by the following functions.
How you implement it is what you fix.
I thought and wrote that it might be information necessary for you.
I'm sorry if worthless.
The information writing is a system of Rev96.
Content may be different if I use different revision.


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