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BBB Designer Body spell (And any other useful links to mods I come across)


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Okay, so this mod essentially allows you to straight up change the body of a target (or yourself) via a spell. Why have I liked it so far? Well, running around with lovers on having sex with a ton of women who all have the same body doesn't have alot of variety to it. For me, this has allowed me to change up companions and certain npcs to better represent what I expect of them individually instead of everyone rolling around with H cup and L bottoms (lol). It supports a good number of bodies and supports BBB as well.


Basically, I think for all of us here using lovers...this seems like a really important mod if your like me and kind of don't want to see the same body on every npc. It's worked well for me so far, and I'm a bit surprised it's not more prominent on the nexus site itself.




HGEC Body with BBB package - Someone(couldn't remember the topic either) posted this in another topic and I decided to test it out. Is effective and simplifies an otherwise long/annoying process. Comes with the skeletons, HGEC body, BBB, UFF Moving breast and animations, and a few other mods. Mostly just for having an easier time getting set up w/e the reason may be.



EDITED: Decided to add my links to this instead of continuing to make replies :o

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Gonna add another mod here I think is really useful.


Oblivion stutter remover (OSR). I used streamline for a long time, tried this recently and it was drastically more effective. Make sure to read the readme and read his "commonly changed settings". Made my game more responsive/less stutter/smoother all around. It's basically just an OBSE plugin as well.



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BBB bodies shouldn't be an issue, in fact, a lot of the animations actually support BBB movement now. But anyways, it depends on when this blur is taking place. Are we talking all the time/on certain clothes (which would mean the BBB clothes may be bad), certain animations (You do need BBB compatible animations and if it's blurring, the ones doing it may be screwed up).


Now here's what I did when I installed the package and MBP. I did the bodies, then all the MBP/MBP++ and Xeo stuff. I realized the bodies weren't the way I wanted (MBP has it's own body set up and everyone is all flat chested.). So using omod, I simply deactivated and then reactivated it and never saw an issue at all.

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Regarding BBB and skeletons, I highly recommend people use this skeleton:




It's the most updated one and it combines the requirements for many different mods that need custom skeletons, such as BBB, high heels, etc. Just be sure that you install it late and that it isn't overwritten (which can get confusing if you have lots of OMODs, and is one reason I use BAIN installers now ;P).

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