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Animations not aligning correctly

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Heya, I downloaded the many different Lovers packages and what not, and they all work wonderfully save for one problem. A lot of the animations do not align correctly. IE: one of the characters is doing the animation while inside the other characters chest and so forth. I was looking through the many options and such to see if there was a way to tweak the positions to try and align them better, but could not find any.


Does anyone know of a way to adjust the positions of the npcs in that act? or is there a program that will auto align your characters/let you adjust it in game? I know they did that for Fallout 3, donno if there is a way to do it for this game.

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I don't know of any auto-align feature, but there are controls for the character positions.


(for male NPC and female PC)

1 and 2 should move the male towards and away from the girl, and 3 and 4 will move the man up and down.


There are numbers to move the girl too (I think 7,8,9,0?  someone correct me if I'm wrong) but they don't seem to work as often for me as 1-4.

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Lovers by default saves adjusted positions per save game by race and character scale.  Loversbackup2 lets you store and load adjusted coordinates to an external file via pluggy, so you don't have to readjust every time you start a new game or reinstall lovers.

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Guest Donkey

It is very difficult to get a perfect alignments for every race every time. The only mod so far that has ever been close is Astriana companion from Montana. But other then that no mod has ever has a fix for is

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I think someone could write a script with set positions for each race. Like set for Orc/Imperial, Orc/elf, Nord/Orc, ect. Basically set for every race and every possibility.


Of course its much, much easier said than done. I know Fallout 3 does this, but the races are all the same height, so you just need to do it once.

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I really don't think that would be viable, tomfoolery.  Not only would it be up to 90 settings for the default races, but then you need to take into account mod-added races  (especially since there are lovers plugins require mbp and/or x117) which would boost the numbers up even more. 


I think the manual adjust and save method is the better one (once you know the keys), as the majority of the animations are pretty close in my experience (so it just takes a couple adjusts).  Also, the manual adjust also works if you use the console to manually adjust the sizes of characters.

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