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Never able to get the mod working

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I've been trying to get Lovers with PK working for 2 weeks now, but I can never get it done right.. The game just simply plays out like normal.

I've installed everything the Quick Installation Guide had written in it - Pluggy, running with OBSE v19, BUFramework, the resource pack, the .esm and .esp.

I knew that the mod requires plug-ins to work, so I downloaded LoversJoburg, LoversRaperS and LoversMB2 for a first try, but just how do they work? I start the game and what do I have to do to get someone to have sex?


I'm running the 1.2.0416 Oblivion patch btw, and I used the BOSS to load everything in order. To me, everything just seems very difficult to get to work  :-\

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1. install Lovers with PK Rev 89 first.

2. install Lovers Resource pack.

3. install Lovers Joburg.

4. install Lovers RaperS.


Once all are installed and marked down in your mod manager, run BOSS and check the load order, then move anything around as you see there.

finally, start the game, you should see you gaining a few spells which are the settings for the mods, use them, adjust as you see fit. If you get a error message, redownload OBSE to the most recent version and do it again. within the settings there is also a command of "Get Pheromones" I do not know if it is required but it gives you a ring and a "tail" that more or less makes it so you cannot walk into a tavern without getting raped. Also, if you want the NPC/creatures to rape your character, you NEED to turn it on within the spell settings.

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Don't blindly trust BOSS to know exactly how to order your stuff.  It's not some magic button that cures all load order woes and spews kittens.  It's an unreliable crutch and a big reason why people have no clue how their own game works when it does and what's going wrong when it doesn't.


RaperS, MB and Joburg are not essential to figure out whether the base mod is working or not.  Disable them and instead grab tachicat2 and adultplayplus and use those to debug your setup.  The former is a very simple and direct "order two NPCs to fuck" spell and the latter allows for sex in virtually every NPC dialogue option.  If you reach intercourse through these and things are still not working, it's a problem with your core install.

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BOSS has worked wonders for me so far. the newest version when ran correctly told me not only what order it recommends, but also which things had errors, which ones needed cleaning, which ones were redundant and finally recommended other programs to use with my other mods and reasons why. I have been having fun with mods for a while now but only recently did I try BOSS, unreliable crutch is not what I would consider it. I am sorry if you had a bad experience with it.

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All of those things are easy enough to figure out by taking a quick look at the contents of a mod, and all to often the warnings, bash tags and suggestions are wrong or don't take into account your own particular setup.  You can either blindly rely on these pronouncements in which case things are failing silently constantly, you just don't notice until the random wtf problem comes up.  Or, you know how and why these problems and tweaks may come up, in which case you don't need the program in the first place.


This isn't Wrye Bash, it doesn't substantively solve any issues that come from mod conflicts.  In the best condition it gives advice based on imperfect knowledge, which will never be equal to what you, the owner of your own setup, can know about just how to get things working the way you want it.  It's training wheels, and trusting it over your own ability to figure out how the game works will always end with a "why won't this work" post.

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loversanimobjectpriority isn't necessary for the rest of the mod to work.  All it does is give compatibility for the pillory used in a select few animations.  In fact, I believe it conflicts with some of the creature animes according to a post by Donkey a while back.


Animation mods generally play nice with lovers because lovers is extremely forceful in how it overrides other animations.


Mayu's is indeed the culprit.  That mod messes with the way the game looks for animations in a serious way. 


Again, one of those things you can really only catch by combing over your load order and understanding what exactly the mods do to your game.

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