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A special companion mod

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I've seen several futanari mods, and I love them, and I wonder if someone could make a companion mod with all of the following details (or tell me if there's one already made to these specifications).


I'd like a female sneak-thief/assassin companion with some magic, who learns more spells as she levels up, large but not humungous breasts, maybe slightly bigger than d-cup, who talks in a sexy feminine voice, naked when you meet her so that she can wear anything you give her, and with full female genitalia *except* that she has a penus that replaces the clitoris.


I'd like her penus to be erect and pointing *up at an angle* (not straight out and not straight up) at all times, and who has a chance to get pregnant whenever she sleeps in your bed, whose pregnancy belly grows over nine months of game time, and who stays nine months pregnant for the rest of the game.


I wonder if anyone would be interested in making a companion like that. Maybe one could be made by adapting a pregnancy mod and a futanari mod and a voice mod.


I'm also hoping that this is one place on the internet where no-one insults me for suggesting this mod!

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