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Need help with Paired Animations in CK

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I'm trying to get my paired animation mod to work and I've been following FNIS documentation.

I got my dialog to trigger pa_Huga however I can't seem to get my custom animation to work via FNIS.


As a placeholder I'm also using the vanilla pa_Huga as my custom animation and just renamed it to pa_Hugb for my mod. When I call the idle for the pa_Huga it works fine but when using pa_Hugb it does nothing.


I think my problem is I didn't do this step in the CK properly, so my question is how do we define a LOOSE Idle Object correctly in the ck?


Currently I did a Gameplay>>Animations then within Actors\Character\Behaviors\0_Master.hkx I inserted a child into LOOSE then renamed it and set the Anim Event to pa_Hugb.

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