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Drew Murris

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Hey all,

This is the first upload i've ever done so bare with me ?

  I have created a lot of sims since playing this game and this sim in particular has inspired me to finally upload and share, as he is just too sexy to not give the recognition he deserves! His name: Drew. His age: 40 and fabulous. Many women swoon over him and wish he would fulfill all his wicked whims with them, but he's a married man (in my game anyway) and he hasn't got a wandering eye.... or so we think? 

 He's got many skills, such as being an incredible cook and very charismatic. He has reached the pinnacle of his programming career being a start up genius from the age of 24- this man has forgotten what it feels like to be reliant on others.  In my game he has a whole family but I wanted to highlight him on his own. If anyone is interested to see the rest of his clan I can upload them, but for now enjoy this hunk of a sim human as much as I have! Thanks guys


Please note: I have uploaded two files, one being Drew and the other being the mods that help to make Drew as I have intended. There have been no mods used on his face and he is very fit without the body mods so it is optional.. If you do download the mod package, after extracting only choose the files you need. I use wicked whims but if you don't have that installed some of the files won't work probably. 


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