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Need help converting a stubborn mod to SSE

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I have an armor mod that I'm having trouble converting from LE to SE.


I changed the esp to form44 and optimized the nifs. It should work now, right?


Well, not exactly, I finally got the nifs to stop being invisible but now the body which is supposed to be under the armor is now cbbe vanilla no matter what.

And it clips through the armor.

It does have bodyslide data and I optimized the shapedata nifs too but I'm assuming I need to do something else. I'm not experienced with outfit studio.


Can someone please take a look at this and tell me what I did wrong?

(file deleted by OP)


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Ah, thank you. How could I be so foolish?

I am going to try to delete the HDT nodes. It will take me a while because there are a lot of files.


Also, does anyone think I would need permission from a chinese mod author to upload this conversion? I don't speak chinese.

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