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Fallout NV Sex mod

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hi im new to this site and my only bethesta game is Fallout NV so im Looking for help which one i should download and in waht order ! im Looking for mod which Contents is Pragnancy and sex Animation bdsm slavery and on and on u guys know waht i mean so i would appriciat if some one van give me a Hand my selecting some mods or can send me a list !! 

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You'll need to download and install the Framework - Sexout NG and it's requirements latest versions of NVSE and NVSE Extender.


You also want to download and create the resources mostly used for various adult mods SCR (Sexout Common Resources) and then Sexout Pregnancy and it's dependents MPO (Maternity Pack Overahaul) & Sexout Spunk. That will cover pregnancy functionally.


Then you need mods that Add actual Sex actions. I'd suggest Sexout Tryout as it has some BDSM content in it + a lot more. Also Sexout Soliciting really well done has some BDSM in it aswell. Then Sexout SEX full or lite version for general sex initiation with NPC's. And Sexout Lovers Bed for NPC autonomy. There is also Sexout Strapon Sex for Girl Girl actions. And I have a mod for general prostitution dialogue Sexout Simple Prostitution. There was a Death Alternative mod that instead of dying you would get tied up BDSM style and have to escape but seems to be removed. There is also Another Kick in the Head that has a adult version. There are a bit more adult mods than those listed but I can't recall what all still works and which are too outdated.


Start here: 

Go down to under just below view file where it says "Support thread links to various things I have collected" in the spoiler. Expand that and look under NV for a ton of helpful links.


Don't think we have an "all encompassing" thread of links to all the various adult mods FNV has like Skyrim and I think the F04 section might have something similar. Anyway so you'll have to search around or view by the download section for others. Think Nexus has a small few if they are still up that are slavery based. 

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