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Mod Idea/Request for Amputee Body and mobile Torture devices

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Is there anyone out there that would be willing to make an amputee body that has no (invisible) arms or legs? I would like to make some of the war engines from the Warhammer 40K universe and I think I know how to do it with other existing mods. I want to use the mod "RoboChair - Mama's New Treads - plus Drivable Spare Chair and RoboHelmets" and put the amputated body in it to make a Praetorian Battle Servitor. Here is a photo of the one I would like to try and build.


I would also like to see if someone could use the same "RoboChair" mod and make something that would add either a St. Andrews Cross or a crucifix (or both) to it, so that I could build a Penitent Engine (Also from Warhammer 40K). I know where to get most of the outfits that are used in the models and I think that most of the Automatron mods I have will be able to provide the main body parts, arms and legs that I want to use. Here are some photos of what the Penitent Engines look like.





Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who might be willing to help me out to be able to build these for my game.

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