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Trials of Mana - Modification Request

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The look of Duran's first class is horrible! His short T-shirt and his hair with the visor are in very bad taste! It looks like the Lion-O of the 80's Thundercats!


Thinking about it I would like to request the kindness of anyone who knows how to make mods, to change him and some other characters:

1º -> change Hawkeye's first look for Nevarl's soldiers (Like the ones with their backs, in this image below)?



2º -> Change Riez's first look for Laurent's valkyrie ´s costume?


3º ->  Remove Charlotte and Kevin's hats.


4º -> Remove the crystal from Riesz's forehead


5º -> Put on this odalisque outfit for Angela


6º -> Change Duran's first look for Elliot's


7º -> Change Duran's first look for Eagle's



8º -> Change Duran's first look for Charlotte's father


9º -> Change Hawkeye's first look for the last light´s path (Wanderkeep)?

10º -> C
hange Duran's hair for Flammie's hair (The dragon's hair looks like the Sumo / Hero of Adventure of Mana)??



11º -> Increase the shirt of Duran's first outfit to cover his entire torso. Remove your hat / helmet from your head. Shorten his hair or change his hair to Eliott's, Eagle's, Crimson Wizard or any other npc that makes him not look like Lion-O...

Thx a lot for your time and dedication to making any of my requests that you can fulfill ! Best Regards! Take Care! Be Safe!

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