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How Do I Create A Bodyslide Mod?

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to create a Bodyslide mod with all the custom slider values I want so that I can tick and un-tick at my will on the left panel (similar to the way you create a mod from the overwrite folder after running FNIS). I remember that this was the default way to create a bodyslide batch, but for some reason, every time I build a set, it doesn't show up on the left panel. I believe that instead of making a Mod Organizer left panel mod that is loaded virtually, every time I run the Skyrim SE, it is putting the Bodyslide batch into the actual game data folder.

I have attached screenshots of the Bodyslide settings and the game path. What's funny is that the path points to the data folder, but when I open the data folder, I don't see all the other folders I see when I try to browse the game path.

BodySlide Actual Location.JPG

BodySlide Location.JPG

BodySlide Settings.JPG

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