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Getting SILF to Work aka Why Freelancer can't have Nice things...

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So in the interest of, and out of respect for the good folks in the SSE conversion thread,  I decided  to jump over to the technical support thread. 


I have been trying to get Sexlab Inflation Framwork for Skyrim Special Ed., Milk Mod Economy, Being A Cow,  Fill Her Up, Egg Factory,  (and possibly Estrus Charus and Hentai Preg)  working on my fresh install of SKYRIM SE to no avail, and after reading over the respective mod pages over and over again I am at a utter loss as to where I am going wrong.   while I had  Egg Factory working on my Old Special edition Install prior to my drive being reformatted, last month, keep running into issues A) getting the mods to register in SILF, and B) once registered in SILF getting them to actually effect changes on my character.

As much as I hate to come across as one of the infinetly many mod users who post about a mod not working, Could someone please walk me through how to Set up Sexlab SE, and SILF SE as a fresh install the right way?

-Thanks in advance,


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