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Need help with running mod on Skyrim SE

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I'm getting tons of errors and not sure how to handle this. I'm running Vortex on Skyrim SE and mods are:

FNIS Data (can't install, so forever disabled)
Arousal Based Matchmaker
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio (disabled due to conflict with CBBE)
Customizable Camera

FNIS behaviour

Fuz Ro Doh



M.C.G. Skyrim

SL Defeat SSE

SL Matchmaker Light SE


SexlabFrameworks 163 Beta


SexlabMCG Skooma


USSE patch

WrongBody CBBE SSE

SKSE64 2.00.17

up11526 (some spell mod I think)



Failed to run FNIS

Script extender plugin errors detected

FNIS not installed

Loose files may not get loaded

Some mods are redundant


This is my first try at Skyrim SE mods, so advice on what to remove, what to download, and so on would be much appreciated

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