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Last update sims 4 "4/21/2020"

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I stumble upon the floating tongue . basic sims 4 deluxe edition no dlc or packages.


Things i have:

1.dint install a thing  just updated wicked whims to April 20th built.

2.I already had tons of mods and custom sims 




Went for all of the replace had mods none of them had isssues.


and then i stumble upon this zip file DO NOT USE MODS is zip file tha has mods ive been collecting to know when to see an issue.


Packages on zip file: (i tested each one of them alone and group folder)





[Noir and Dark Sims 4] Head Replacement with Realistic Tongue for AF.package



I removed set file an toss the key in to the lake , my config has no texting point to read zip files after that sims 4 worked fine.

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