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Skyrim Mod Idea/Request.

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Good Evening,


Yesterday I was wandering the area between Falkreath and Whiterun and I came upon an interesting encounter. A Bandit Patrol was transporting a captured female merchant. Of course I saved her but it occured to me Bandits are inherently dangerous and Skyrim is a wartorn land. I thought why not Bandits capture more people. Of course there are already two Bandit prisoner mods such as Sex Slave for Bandit Camps and Sexy Bandit Captives. But I thought why not improve upon them.


Ideas for Bandits:

1. Bandit Camps will now have Imperial or Stormcloak prisoners as well as Town guards. All female of course

2. Bandits will now be transporting captured prisoners. As was in IWE.

3. Civil War factions will have Captives of the each other for various purposes. Mostly Carnal

4. The existing sex slaves should have clothes or Armor on them only coming off during scenes.


This is just an idea if any of you talented Modders wants to do it. 


Thank You for bearing with me


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