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Clipping with SOS

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Hi, complete modding newbie here, just started messing with Skyrim SE for the first time yesterday and I got a little problem with SOS.
In the racemenu I've customized my genitals and scrotum and it looks perfect, up until I put on a piece of chest armor and take it off, in which the genitals and scrotum start clipping
(Screenshots for comparison)

https://imgur.com/a/2WVexva (couldn't get insert image from URL to work with imgur)
If I go into the racemenu again while not wearing any chest armor, it resets the position to that of the first screenshot, but again if I put something on and take it off, the clipping issue starts again,
Would love any assistance on any way to keep the genitals persistent when putting on and taking off clothes, or at the very least find a way to add some collision between the genitals and scrotum. 

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