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[mod] Mai+Tamaki+Leifang Christmas costume MOD

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Mai+Tamaki+Leifang Christmas costume MOD

Thanks for:

Vagonumero13: rdbtool, g1mtools and REDELBE

Ausgeek: 3dmigoto tools for blender



Game version 1.21; REDELB version 2.4/2.5


1. Mai and Tamaki's Santa bikini and white Christmas costume MOD: added antlers headdress
2. Leifang's white Christmas costume mod: added antlers headdress
3. How to use: After decompression, copy to the root directory of the game, Mai and Tamaki press "F" to switch the effect at the wedding dress; Leifang: Press "F" to switch the effect at Christmas
4. About the hairstyle MOD: Tamaki's direct loading costume MOD does not require any other operations; Mai and Leifang respectively press "F" to switch between the wedding hairstyle and the Christmas hat hairstyle

5.Demo video


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