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CTD - Loading savegame

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Hi all,


I felt like updating Skyrim SE mods and adding new one's, also deleting older mods that are no more supported.


Now it seems that everything works so far and I can start a new game, but after saving the savegame is going to be corrupt or something.
Every time I am loading that savegame the game crashes.


I've cleaned esm/esps through SSEedit which were proposed through LOOT. I've also tried to clean the savegame and the FallrimTools show me a lot of entries (about 500).

But that also does not help.


Maybe someone has an idea why this is happening. I've attached the load order of Vortex.


Thank you!


plugins.txt loadorder.txt

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On 4/6/2020 at 7:52 PM, rafael666 said:

My guess is that you have too many mods loaded (or trying to load).  Reduce to 255 or under and try again ;D

Yeah well...I am stupid, I completely forgot about the limitation of 255 mods at once.


Okay then I will check that again. Thanks!

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