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Just4u.FFXV King of Lucis [HDT-SMP]

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Just4u.FFXV King of Lucis [HDT-SMP]

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SSE Version



Ported from Final Fantasy XV, King Regis's equipments.

Contains: the King's Suit, Crown, Gear and Cape, Ring of Lucii, Sword of Father, Regis's hair style and beard, Regis's Mask (Fake Head)

p.s. don't equip 'Regis Lucis Caelum's Shoulder Gear'  together with the suit, it is meant to be used with the no-cape version of the suit.


SMP physics were made by realclone (https://www.patreon.com/realclone), special Thanks to him~


-Known Issue-

The outfit is only single weighted, so clipping might happens when your character has heavy weights.

Beard don't have tri files, so it won't move when you edit your character's face shape.








Do whatever you want to this file, but ensure you credit Square Enix : )



All assets belong to Square Enix Co.

hydrogensaysHDT - for HDT-SMP

realclone - for making the physics bones and SMP xml

Humus - for providing cubemaps

Captain Heiko - for guiding me how to edit textures

full_inu - for giving suggestions on weight painting


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18 minutes ago, dammac2525 said:

I could be because it's my female character collecting them from Additemmenu to pass off to a male follower, but when I do so my game crashes. 

Will it ctd when your character putting it on?

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10 hours ago, dammac2525 said:

Nope... I was simply picking it up and looking at it in my inventory. 

Like I said it could be because my player if female.

I'll look into this, thanks for your notification! Gonna reply to you as soon as I figure out what's wrong with the LE version.


Btw, could u plz check whether you have properly installed XPMSE Skeleton and hdt-smp? I've heard LE user should use a SMP+PE HDT Physics Extension patch to make PE and SMP compatible, if you both have pe and smp installed.


Last but not least, try to let XPMSE overwrites all the the other mods (for MO user), or install it again (for NMM user).


Good Luck!

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